REEV Electric is a young company with a background in engineering and EVs.

We are developing a "Hybrid Kit", a product that is addressing the used car market with electrifying conventional gas-running cars into hybrids or plug-in hybrids.

REEV Hybrid Kit

Saves up to 50% on fuel and maintenance

Gives 30+ km of purely electric range

Lower carbon footprint by 3t CO2 per year

Core Tech areas we are working on:

Motor belt connection

Battery pack structural integrity

Battery module modularity

We can take it to the next level and scale!

Our background comes from Formula Student. Until now, we have been working on different design and prototyping projects.

We have been recognized by Fil Rouge Capital, Motor Valley Accelerator and Rimac Automobili. Thanks to them we are working on our first product - REEV Hybrid Kit.

Our expertise

Benchmarking, measuring and analysis of the market segments and tech.

Development of powertrain systems from concept to prototype.

Recruitment and setup of operational teams from ground up.

More information:

Accelerating the path to electrified mobility!